What defines a writer?


Well, to my mind, there are two definitions, the first being those who truly wish to share their creativity with others. These are the type of writers who will strive to provide their readers with works of art, created with words. They will work, work, work at their craft, and nothing but the best will do. Even when it seems they’re getting nowhere, they refuse to give up and are more than willing to help their fellow authors up the long steep climb to the pinnacle of recognition.

castle 3

Then there’s the second type of writer, the type who are, unfortunately, all too common. These are the ones who offer shoddy work, concerned only with gaining “fame and fortune”, when all they really achieve is infamy. Even when their work is brilliant, or at least tolerable, they are so obsessed with their own egos they will do anything to achieve their goals, even at the cost of others. They scrabble after books reviews and heaven help any reviewer who dares criticise their work. Such writers will stamp and wail, and hurl invective at anyone who states their writing is less than perfect. Yes, it’s unpleasant getting negative reviews, but it goes with the territory, and there may be something to learn, when someone points out what is, to them, a flaw or a mistake. Take it on board, or reject it, but for heaven’s sake, act your age, not your shoe size.


So, what’s the moral of this tale? Well, at the risk of spouting a cliché, “Do unto others, as you would have done to you,” and remember:

“Without hard work, talent is not enough.” Henri Matisse.




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