What the Tweet!*>!!

twWhat is it about me? Do I have “porn star” tattooed on my forehead? I thought a particular “like for like” event on Facebook was bad enough – you would not believe some of the grotesque, vile posts I’ve seen on this thread – and the event’s admin doesn’t seem to do anything about it. Now I’m not being a prude, well I am, I suppose, but kids can see this kind of thing, and I’m not talking about “soft” porn, this is real hardcore stuff.

Anyhoo, I was just pottering about on Twitter a few minutes ago, when I noticed I had a new follower.  This person’s avatar was of a very pretty young lady, who looked as though butter wouldn’t melt, but the old saying, “never judge a book by its cover” sprang to mind. Also, I’ve been caught out before by people wanting to sell me twitter followers, or following me and when I’ve followed back, promptly unfollowing me, or wanting me to like their Facebook page, but not reciprocating. So I always check people out before deciding whether to follow them or not. Boy, was I glad I did this time.


The pinned tweet “Love your pants babe”, immediately set alarm bells ringing… then there was the photos on the left side of the page; let’s just say the young women depicted really should wear more clothing.


What completely baffles me, is why does this person think I’m remotely interested in porn? My tweets are primarily about books, or amusing videos about cats and dogs doing silly things, and posts supporting Marie Curie cancer care – so why?

It’s beyond me.



2 Responses to “What the Tweet!*>!!”

  1. There’s a lot of nasty stuff on twitter. There’s the porn and there’s a lot of hate/misogynist/racist/religious stuff too. I’m always baffled by the number of people following me who don’t even use an alphabet, never mind a language I understand. They could be tweeting absolutely any propaganda and I’d be none the wiser. And yet they get followed back. maybe there are more polyglot scholars about that I realise 🙂

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