How does your (writing) garden grow?


Have the seeds of inspiration flourished, or withered and died? Like any other plant, inspiration must be nurtured and fed with regular doses of fertile imagination. This can be hard at times, as ideas fly in and out of a writer’s mind, like bees looking for pastures new.


Yet there’re always new ideas close behind, borne on the breezes that blow through our lives, bringing fresh ideas, new stories and books. All waiting to be planted in the fields of words that spread in an endless vista throughout our brains. All we need to do is harvest them, and bring them to fruition. Sometimes it’s hard work, but surely worth the effort, when the harvest is brought home and celebrations can begin for the advent of a new crop of writing.


Occasionally, the crop is wild and untamed, but the joy lies in trimming and cutting, until a bloom unfolds, revealing the beauty within. So, fellow writers, take up your ploughshare and bring the fruits of your imaginations home to roost.



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