Do cats help you write?


No, they don’t. My cat Meg, pictured above, certainly doesn’t. Why am I asking this? Because I read somewhere that cats provide a soothing presence that helps you concentrate – do they hell as like! Whenever I settle down to write, my moggie snores, bounds round the room like a mini tornado,  demands to be fed, and generally acts like a lunatic.

loony cat

So what helps you concentrate? Music can both focus a person’s attention and at the same time, inspire. Some writers must have complete silence, whilst others like background sounds, such as TV or even the sound of kids playing. I personally prefer peace and quiet, but there’s little chance of that with Meg doing her best to drive me insane. A pet dragon’d be quieter!

fantasy writer

Even so, no matter what the distractions, a writer writes and I will continue to do so, despite my manic cat and her manifold distraction techniques 😀




5 Responses to “Do cats help you write?”

  1. My cat tries to sprawl on my lap with the laptop. He ends up contributing to my supply of typos. I used to write with instrumental music on in the background. Now I’m like you. I prefer peace and silence.

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  2. Your cats are adorable! But, no. Cats are not very helpful when it comes to writing.

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  3. I like peace and quiet and also my boy cat loves to sit on my lap in front of the laptop

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