Good days vs bad days.

miserableJust lately I’ve been feeling a little discouraged, and can’t quite put my finger on the reason why. I’ve tried cheering myself up with chocolate, but it’s not working. It could be down to the fact I have a spate of medical tests coming up – nothing serious – something I’m definitely not looking forward to. Or could it be down to the fact I’m not really writing much at the moment?


I hate being caught between writing and non writing. I don’t have writers block, plenty of ideas on the go, I just can’t seem to settle down to anything. The amount of writing related stuff that needs doing – marketing, updating my website, blogging, and so on – seems overwhelming at the moment.


Of course this isn’t normally a problem, since I thrive on being busy writing, and I suppose everyone goes  through periods like this. All I can hope is that it passes soon and I can get back to what I love doing the most. Roll on the “good days” 😀

kj Kate


4 Responses to “Good days vs bad days.”

  1. Did I write this? Oh, you wrote this. It sounds so familiar, Katrina:) You’re not alone. When I feel this way, I take my vitamins and block out writing time on my calendar that CANNOT be usurped by other priorities. I always feel a little better after a little self care.

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