Ask & thou shalt receive – not always.

The downside of twitter is some of the reasons people follow you. It’s not always because you  put up great posts, or they’re interested in you as a fellow tweeter. It’s usually because they want to “sell” you twitter followers, or they want something for nothing.


When I first started tweeting, I’d follow people willy nilly because I liked what I saw on their twitter page. Sometimes I’d get messages back, thanking me, but also asking me to follow them on Facebook, or YouTube, and so on. Being a fairly good-natured person, I would. However I soon discovered that, not only did they not follow me back on twitter, they did not reciprocate following me on Facebook either.

followersThe latest example of this was about half an hour ago. I followed a person, who had followed me, as we are both writers, and it’s nice to have something in common. Shortly after they messaged me, thanking me and asking if I’d like to read their book and give them  some feedback. There’s no harm in asking. However, after the unfortunate experiences I’ve already had, I wasn’t prepared to do as they asked without some quid pro quo. I therefore asked if they’d like to indulge in a read swap, not really expecting them to respond and to unfollow me as a result. Instead of the usual response, I got a message back saying they barely had time to write these days. In other words, they expected, or hoped, I would drop everything and read their book, without them having the courtesy to do the same. I’m not even sure they were prepared to provide me with a copy of their novel, or if I was expected to purchase it. I could be wrong on that score, but there was no mention of it.


Now I do carry out the odd review, from time to time, and I don’t expect, nor would I ever take, monetary payment. But my time is as precious as the next person’s. What I do expect is a bit of appreciation. Fair enough?


3 Responses to “Ask & thou shalt receive – not always.”

  1. I ignore automated messages or direct messages on Twitter. These messages are always asking followers to like on Facebook or buy their book, but it’s clear there the author has no intention of reciprocating in any way. These messages are just meaningless blasts to all their new followers. It’s incredible that this person expected you to read their book, but has no time for you. Very rude, in my opinion.

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