Writing in your head…

…whilst in bed?

head 2

I know, it sounds weird, writing inside my head in bed. Then again maybe not, I am a writer, after all. It’s very rare I fall asleep straight away. Unless I’m really tired, my mind seems to go into overdrive, the minute my head touches the pillow. My current wip, Elawyn’s Song, has been written almost entirely in my head. Very little of it has, as yet, actually been transferred on to my computer.


I seem to get all my best ideas this way, and the weirdest thing of all is that I have a terrible memory, except when I’m “writing” inside my head! I remember everything I’ve thought up, even if I don’t put it into note form. Now given that, in the past, I’ve advised noting any good ideas a writer gets down straight away before they’re forgotten, this seems contradictory. Yet it works for me. 


I don’t know why this is, maybe I subconsciously see going to bed as reaching a safe haven, where I can think about things more deeply than I can during my waking hours, filled as they are with constant distractions. Whatever the reasons, that seems to be when I get all my best ideas, apart from infrequent lulls during the working day, when new scenes and characters sometimes slip into my brain.


So what works best for you? Note taking? Or do you, like me, get all your best ideas at night?




3 Responses to “Writing in your head…”

  1. How interesting! I’ve heard from a few writers who come up with story ideas from dreams. I’m a sleepy problem-solver, it seems. I often get solutions to scene, dialog, and plot problems while in a semi-dreaming state. It’s wonderful. I do have to jot them down though, or I’ll forget by morning. I keep a pen and notebook next to my bed just for that purpose.


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