#A Thief By Any Name is Still A Thief aka #E-Book Piracy

Beware these sites!

Pamela D. Beverly


As an adjunct to Chris the Story Reading Ape’s blog about two weeks ago, http://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/2015/04/16/read-authors-copyright-infringement-notification/, I’d been a bit perturbed after discovering the following websites: http://zelvie.com/15875589-Relations.html and http://designbooks.netii.net/download/15875589. I immediately contacted my publisher, who did some checking and informed me that they are not websites downloading free copies of my e-book. They are,most likely what Chris mentoned in his blog, a click farm devised to have you click on the link in order to infect your device with a virus or spyware.

Well, that didn’t make me feel any better but I do feel better knowing that I can do my part in making other authors and readers aware. If you see same or any suspicious-looking urls when you bring up your book’s title, do not click on them!

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