Inspiration in strange places.


I’ve written before about how I find inspiration from the parks, houses and gardens, in the area where I live. But there are other places too, such as Garston Shore in Liverpool; quite appropriate, since I write YA urban fantasy. There’s something about urban decay that fascinates me, which I suppose is a bit strange. I find the deterioration of once proud ships, both sad and slightly creepy. That said, the sight of such things almost always brings inspiration leaping to my mind. There’s a kind of beauty to urban decay that I find hard to explain.


I used to take the train to work, and to either side of the line I travelled on, would be steep, overgrown banks of grass-covered earth. Atop these banks, one could see the occasional abandoned railway building, long disused, with empty, glass less windows and bricked up doorways; again a source of inspiration for me.

hunts_cross_east junc_pw_04.08.1995a

I use these images as my “palette” from which I pick and choose the dark and light colours to create my worlds and even my characters. Black skies, thunderstorms, along with wind and rain, complete my store of inspirational images, forming the embodiment of my fictional worlds and their inhabitants.



13 Responses to “Inspiration in strange places.”

  1. I also am fascinated by the decay of human relics. It feeds the imagination. For me it’s about the power of the nature to reclaim the landscape as if we never existed.

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  2. I like the wide angle shot of the ship! I’m the creative type too. I like taking pictures of stars right now. Go to my sight… I dare ya!! LOL!

    I’m just new… Well, not brand new! I like how you think so much as I do so much, that I often come here to read myself!

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  3. tanyarobinson100 Says:

    Nice to see someone sharing how they find inspiration. Thank you.

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  4. Your picture reminds me very much of the TSS Lancaster, these days most inappropriately called the Funship as it’s spent a large amount of time landlocked near Mostyn in Flintshire, North Wales. It’s decaying at a terrible rate. When first brought ashore it was intended to be the site of a market as well as a fun day out but the local authority declared it unsafe and it’s been at the centre of a wrangle ever since.
    Hugs xxx

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