Judging a book by its cover

dawn horizon

I think  most of you’ll agree that my publishers have provided great covers for The Silver Flute Trilogy. I’m particularly pleased with book III’s, Dawn Horizon, so much so I’ve entered it in a book cover contest on Authorsdb. So if you agree that it’s a super duper, absolutely swishy cover, please vote for it at:


Please click on the link, scroll down the page, my cover’s about the 14th or 15th post down, and click on “like”.


and I’ll love you all forever 😀


8 Responses to “Judging a book by its cover”

  1. I tried to vote Kate, but your link takes me to a Facebook page and I can’t find your cover 😦

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  2. Hmm, it’s definitely there, hun. All the covers are in the middle column of the page. Mine’s right beneath a book cover called “Judge by light betrayed.” But don’t stress, thanks for trying. You’re a star 😀


  3. Hi Kate, I found it and voted and also added you as a favorite.
    The easiest way to do this is to have them click on Enter Book Contest on the top, then find your cover and click on it. It takes you to the front page and just scroll down to find it.
    I have one on here too. It’s under thrillers. @v@ ❤

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  4. Voted, Viv. 😀


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