Sunday mornings.


Traditionally, Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation, and for some, a day of worship. For me, it’s usually a day for contemplating the arrival of Monday and the start of a new working week – eugh! However, today I feel different, despite being woken up by my brother, who is currently watching car racing on the TV downstairs. The sound of screeching tyres, and the commentary, are filtering through my bedroom floor. Normally, this is enough to make me want to throttle (get it? :D) my sibling, but not today.

grand prix

Today, for the moment at least, I feel calm – serene even.ย  My wip, Elawyn’s Song is going well, and for a writer there’s no better feeling. Gone, temporarily I’m sure, are the writer’s block, the frustration and hair tearing that usually accompanies our chosen calling.


It’s a fantastic feeling and one that is all too scarce, so I’m going to make the most ofย  it while I can.

books 2

Have a happy and peaceful Sunday :



6 Responses to “Sunday mornings.”

  1. Sundays can be depressing, because all you can think about is Monday and having to get up, shower, drive to work. But I have been working on this Sunday thing, and think I have got it figured out. Do all the chores on Saturday and then just do whatever you want Sunday (all day to write) – knowing everything is done for the week to come. I’m glad your WIP is coming along, that is cool!

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  2. Damn right! ๐Ÿ˜€


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