As time goes by.


Here we are again, adjusting both our actual clocks and our body clocks – or at least trying to. Since I collect clocks, I spent about twenty minutes last night putting them all forward. I was tired and bad-tempered, so as a result each one tells a slightly different time. As for my watches – forget it!


I just can’t get my head around this going backwards and forwards through time. For days after, I feel out of sorts and I can’t really understand why it’s still necessary to carry out this tedious function. It was instigated during the Second World War to allow farmers, etc, more daylight hours in which to plough their fields – fair enough. But why do we still do it? I remember years ago, the government suspended it, but there were objections, for various reasons, and it was soon reinstated.

spring forward 2015

Well, whatever the reasons for it, I definitely won’t be springing forward; it’ll be more of a lurch in my case.




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