Should grownups read young adult fiction?

Well , in my view, why not? I still occasionally read children’s books, intended for a much younger age group. For example, I was in my local supermarket the other day, which also sells all kinds of books, and spotted a copy of Mary Poppins, which I’d never read. I’d seen the film of course, as famous for Dick Van Dyke’s infamous cockney accent, as for its spectacular dance and song routines, but I’d never read the story, so seized the opportunity to do so.

Mary Poppins

Many adults baulk at the idea of reading YA fiction, especially if it’s fantasy, regarding it as only fit for those adults of a childish, obsessive nature. Maybe that’s true of some, but certainly not all. I remember waiting for a train, on my way home from work, when I spotted a soberly suited man, about thirty in age, unashamedly reading a Harry Potter novel. He was stood in the middle of the platform and was clearly not bothered what anyone thought of his reading tastes – and why should he?


My own books are based in the genre of Ya urban dystopian fantasy, and I consider them to be readable by adults too. This is backed up by a review on amazon:

By Suchea on 23 Aug. 2012
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A dystopian fantasy, set in a futuristic city and modernising demons and elves and ogres in a highly original way. Intended for a YA audience but complex enough to interest any age. I took the book on holiday and couldn’t wait to get back from whatever I was doing to read the next bit. A real page turner by a talented new writer, clever and exciting.
So, if you have a hankering to revisit your childhood, or just want a good read, do it. Don’t let others, who have a narrow-minded view of the reading world, put you off. 😀
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9 Responses to “Should grownups read young adult fiction?”

  1. I love YA fantasy, and I’m in my 40s. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a book that is intended toward a younger audience. Most YA books are well-written and engaging, so why not enjoy it?

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  2. DEFINITELY! Sharing and following you here and on Twitter, Kate.

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  3. I love YA books – probably because my teenager reads them. I think it keeps me in touch with the younger generation. And as for Mary Poppins – My absolute favorite!

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  4. Trying to belatedly catch up on all my friends blogs, I am SOOO far behind, I’ve missed some real gems! 😀 xx

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