Happy Mother’s Day.


Even though it’s many years since my mother passed away, I still like to wish her happy mother’s day. My memory of her as a real person is somewhat dim now, but fortunately I have a few photographs to keep her image fresh. Sometimes, though, it feels odd to refer to her as “mum”, as I only have a very few memories of her. Such as the time I swallowed a penny and with quick thinking, my mother thrust her hand into my mouth and retrieved said coin from my gullet! Given the size of an old British penny, slightly larger than a modern day 10 pence piece, it’s amazing I didn’t choke on it. Only my mother’s fast action caught it before it could begin to cut off my airway; otherwise I wouldn’t be here today.


Then there was the time I bit the eyes off my teddy bear, I was a strange child, and the same situation occurred. Who came to my rescue? My dear mother, of course.


So thank you, Mum. You were my saviour and the light of my life. 🙂




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