Meet the author, writer Philip Brocklehurst.

Hello and welcome. Today I’m chatting to Philip Brocklehurst, author extraordinaire and sterling champion for the fair and equitable treatment of our furry friends.

Hi Philip, thanks for joining me today. We’re going to chat about what makes you tick as a writer and why you write what you write.

Q. So let’s begin by asking what drives your desire to be an author?

A. Hi Katrina, it’s a true pleasure to be here again. I believe what drives my desire to be an author is that I have an hyperactive imagination that flows with  so many concepts, some that could be fleshed out into a story, some which are a decent idea but I wouldn’t be able to work it into a novel.  I take the idea which shows promise, plot it all out and when I have the structure completed, I go from there, going with the basic plotline and expanding it out along the way, adding more depth as I go, exploring the story along with the characters. And when it’s done, I go onto the next. I have so many ideas, too many to pick from next, but the ones that I choose, I love sharing them all with the reading world, hoping to entertain, move and satisfy the reader.

Q. Do you set yourself writing targets? For example, do you aim to write so many words a day?

A. Indeed I do, I like to try to get at least one page done a day, even half if I can. A few paragraphs are fine too, as long as several words are written, I feel like I’ve made some progress with my novel.

Q. Creativity is obviously an important factor in an author’s life, so what starts your creative juices flowing?

A. From a variety of things. Books, comics, films, video games. But my main source is certainly films, I’m a huge movie buff at heart.

Q. What kind of environment do you find conducive to writing?

A. I find a relaxed environment is perfect for writing, listening to music or a video on Youtube while writing works great, it’s helped me write 4 books now.

Q. Writing is a solitary occupation and can be isolating. What kind of activities/social engagement do you participate in to retain your sanity?

A. It sure can be, dwelling on the solitude can be maddening and overwhelming, best thing to do is not think about it, taking chill out periods to talk on Facebook helps with social engagement while I’m writing, helps a great deal.

Q. What part of the world do you originate from, and was it influential in your ambition to become a published author?

A. I’m from the United Kingdom, there are so many great storytellers from the UK, it got me wanting to be just like them, to have my own book out there for millions to read and enjoy. When it finally happened with my first published book “Humanity Lost”, it was like a dream come true.

Q. What is your favourite genre to write in and why?

A. It’s hard to pick one, I like to dabble in various genres, they all interest me in their unique way and each one is like a challenge, I like to see if I can write a story set to any genre, be it a sci-fi story, horror, comedy, fantasy and even erotica.

Q. Who is your favourite author?

A. Along with Gary Brandner who I mentioned in our previous interview together, another author that got me interested in writing books and being an author at an early age was definitely Liverpool born author Clive Barker who wrote The Hellbound Heart (adapted by Barker as the 1987 cult horror “Hellrasier” and Cabal (adapted by Barker as the 1990 cult horror “Nightbreed), he inspired me and showed me how powerful a tool the imagination really is.

Q. What is your favourite book?

A. Like my authors, there are too many to choose from. A couple of my favourites that come to mind are The Howling trilogy of books, The Keep, Death Wish, Death Sentence, Hopscotch, Cabal, The Hellbound Heart, First Blood. To name a few.

Q. And finally, what are your hopes for the future, writing wise?

I hope to write many more stories, I’m currently working on an erotic story in the style of the 80s Italian exploitation movies like “Emanuelle Nera” and “11 giorni, 11 notti”, I also have a comedy planned set on a cruise ship, a little homage to the 1987 Andrea Roncato comedy “Il lupo di mare”

Well thanks very much for talking to me, today, and giving my readers and myself an insight into your writing world.


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