All bundled up.

winter blues

How I hate winter, especially when it’s bitterly cold. I tend to take to my bed, as soon as I can, since we don’t have central heating in the cave I call home. That’s where I am right now, looking ever so glamerous, in my fleecy pyjamas, dressing gown, and bed socks. My hair, which has a life of its own, especially when it’s just been washed, has taken on a kinda Einstein look; so any would be burglars beware, you’re in for a shock, if you break into our house. Who needs a guard dog, when you’ve got a face like mine?


I’m convinced, utterly convinced that I was a hedgehog in my last life, ‘cos when winter rolls around all I want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep.


But seeing as I’m not, I’ll just have to take to my bed whenever I can and ignore winter, until it goes away. See you in the spring.

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10 Responses to “All bundled up.”

  1. I feel EXACTLY the same honey! 😀 xx

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  2. We’ve got more than a foot of snow on the ground with more to come. I’d like to hibernate until spring.

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  3. We have central heat, but it’s kinda crappy. Kinda real crappy. Bed has become my new favorite place to write, so much so that in looking for a new bed, I’ve banned headboards that have any sort of opening because it will make it much less comfortable for me to sit in bed and write. 🙂

    And I agree – winter should be banned.

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