Feeling a little blue today.


Can’t seem to shake my melancholia,

don’t even know why I want to cry.

Can’t shake this melancholia,

it won’t go, no matter how I try.

Can’t shake this melancholia,

it just won’t go away.

Perhaps it’ll be gone tomorrow,

a new start, a new day.




2 Responses to “Feeling a little blue today.”

  1. Lovely poem. I feel melancholic a LOT, I think it’s all part of the wonderful tapestry of being a writer honey. We’re more self-aware perhaps, in touch a little deeper with our emotions and internal lives. Don’t worry sweetie, it will pass. Sending hugs. xxx

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  2. I wrote a post about mood swings last December.

    and in tune with Sophie … I think the most sensitive people carry the imbalances of the system for the rest …

    ☼ a little sunshine for you today.

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