…or just plain arrogant?


Self confidence plays a major part in any writer’s life. Confidence in your work, confidence in your ability as a writer, and confidence in how you promote that work; all essential factors in an author’s writing life. That said, confidence should be tempered with a little humility, and respect for both other writers and, of course, readers.


There’s nothing worse than an author who demands that their work is lauded and applauded, without doing anything to deserve such recognition. Or a writer who can’t be bothered to use correct grammar, and just expects readers to put up with work filled with errors; in other words, won’t hire an editor, or or at least self edit, over and over, until their book is as near perfect as it can be. Shoddy goods won’t cut the ice. There’s a vast choice of reading matter out there, and readers are far more discerning than some writers give them credit for.


And if the only reason for writing is to gain fame and fortune, such writers will be sadly disappointed.


4 Responses to “Confident…”

  1. You’re absolutely right. If authors don’t have a little bit of confidence, we’d never query or publish. Too much confidence, however, prevents an author from learning or perfecting their craft. Overconfidence also results in some deplorable author behavior.

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    • As you know to your cost, Tricia. Why people think behaving badly gets them anywhere is beond me. I met a writer once who had a chance at a contract with one of the big publishing houses. However, due to his arrogance, they dropped him.


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