Vote! Vote! Vote!


Book I of The Silver Flute Trilogy has been nominated for the Hugo Eligible Works on Goodreads. It’s currently standing at no 3. To vote, please go to:

Thanks to everyone who’s already voted. 😀




16 Responses to “Vote! Vote! Vote!”

  1. Voted, Kate. @v@ ❤

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  2. Already voted yesterday sweetie when you were at 7! YAY!!! So awesome!!!! 😀

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  3. So you should be, when I was told about it Kay said you were at 11, when I voted you had already moved p to 7, now 3? Go Kate GO!!!! 😀 xxx

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  4. Got a few more votes now. Only need 5 more to beat the top book. 😀

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  5. Voted. I think you need 4 now.

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  6. Who can we rustle up to get you there? Have you approached all AWB members honey? 😀

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