Another New Year…

…but this time no resolutions.


The other day my brother asked me if I’d made any New Year resolutions. When I said no, he accused me of being cynical. Well maybe I am, but every year, for as long as I can remember, I’ve made vows to do this and do that, and you know what? I never kept any of ’em.


Oh I’ve started out with good intentions, but pretty soon I find myself on the slippery slope back into old habits, which I find so depressing. So I’ve decided not to bother this year. This time I’m just gonna go with the flow and see what happens.  Wish me luck




3 Responses to “Another New Year…”

  1. I don’t think I have made any resolutions either – at least not out loud where there may be repercussions when I fail. 😉 Good luck to you and Happy New Year! It’s the 3rd. I’m going to have to stop saying that soon!

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