Short stories vs novels.

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Which do you prefer to write? Personally, I like writing both. I started off my author journey by writing short stories and magazine articles, the latter of which I found very unfulfilling. Why? Well first none of them were published, and secondly, I found most magazines very much the same; you’ve read one, you’ve read the lot.


Every Saturday morning I take myself off to the local supermarket, and when I’ve done my shopping, I treat myself to breakfast. I always take my kindle to read, but one time I left it at home, so I bought a magazine – what a mistake! The entire thing was filled with diet tips – I kid you not 😀 Anyway, getting back to the point, I stopped writing magazine articles, but continued with short stories, until I joined a local writing group and became inspired to start writing books. It wasn’t easy. I had no technique and treated each chapter as a short story, which married the flow and made the road to writing a novel extremely rocky.

bumpy road

Now, many years later, I’ve managed to smooth out the surface and the old pen flows a lot more smoothly. I continue to write short stories, more as a writing exercise than anything else, but it’s surprising how many a short story can be expanded into something longer.


So what’s your preference – one or the other – or both?


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5 Responses to “Short stories vs novels.”

  1. I write both too, Katrina, also write travel articles. My most favourite subject is the Tudor period, this year I got a short story published in a magazine for school children in China, I wrote a bout a young Spit Turner in King Henry VIII’s Great Roasting Kitchen. If I had only one choice though, it would be writing historical fiction.

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  2. Definitely both. Short stories are what got me writing again after my illness.

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