It’s been a good day…

fantasy writer

…for getting things done.

That’s right, I’ve actually had a procrastination free day – boy does it feel good. Woke up at the usual ungodly hour of 5am, but instead of bewailing my insomnia, I put it to some good use, and worked on Elawyn’s Song, my latest wip.



About an hour later, I got up, fed the cat, who was racing around the room, jumping off things, and generally being a pain in the a*se, made a cup of coffee, and did some more writing! Who’d ‘a thought it?


I did have a couple of sneaky games of spider solitaire, but apart from reading my emails, I managed to steer clear of the fruitless, and ever ongoing business, of posting pointless promotional posts on Facebook and Twitter – well almost; I did share one image of The Silver Flute Trilogy on Facebook – just couldn’t help myself.


All in all, I lived up to the image of a hardworking writer – for a change. But this wasn’t my only achievement – oh no. I also managed to thin out my multitude of cardigans, jumpers and shoes from my monster collection of clothes, all of which are destined for the local charity shop. Do I feel smug? You betcha!


So today was a good day. For once time did not slip through my fingers. 😀

slipping-through-fingers2 Through the Gloaming US dawn horizon uk dawn horizon us


7 Responses to “It’s been a good day…”

  1. Well done, Kate. Wish I could say the same for myself. 🙂

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  2. Well done Kate, that’s brilliant! I need to get back to writing, haven’t written a word since September, lol, need to get my drawings out of the way so I can get back to it! I shall follow your brilliant example!

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