Slipping through my fingers…


Why is it, albeit with the best of intentions, that time seems to slip away, and all the things you plan to do remain undone? For example, I took three days off work, in order to work on my latest wip, Elawyn’s Song. Did I get anything done? No. Why’s that? I hear you ask, been procrastinating again? Sitting on your  bum watching crap TV? Well no. My computer decided to get itself infected (notice how I shift the blame?) and became virtually unusable.



It took me two whole days to sort it out, by the end of which I had a headache the size of Mount Vesuvius, and it felt as if my eyeballs were popping out. How did this all come about? Well, I made a book trailer for my latest novel, Dawn Horizon, using Windows player. All fine and dandy, until I tried to upload it to Youtube, when I discovered they don’t accept this kind of format. I then tried to find something to convert the video to an mp file, and in doing so, managed to infect my computer.


So, the moral of this lesson, as if most of you don’t already know, is be careful what you download. And after all the hassle and migraines I’ve gone through, the least you can do is watch my damn book trailer! 😀

dawn horizon


7 Responses to “Slipping through my fingers…”

  1. On my phone now but as soon as I get to my computer I will watch it! Same thing happened to me last week. Tech said it wasn’t a virus but I beg to differ. I tried to download a program I thought I needed! It surprises me sometimes how many hours I spend trying to sort out problems with technology!

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  2. We’ve all been there, Kate. I try to be very careful now and run periodic virus scans. I’m glad you got it sorted out.

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  3. Oh poor you! I know exactly how you feel sweetie, I’m always having seemingly fatal computer problems…fatal because I want the throw the bloody thing out of the window! 😀

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