Is it over?


..’Take care of her,’ Jeremiah said, and touched Thrace’s hand. The monk’s mouth opened in a silent gasp, as a tingle ran up his arm.

This is the first line of the opening chapter of my wip, Elawyn’s Song, and I wrote it this morning, at about Why is this so momentous? Because although the book has been plotted out for some time now, it’s taken me until now to actually start moulding it into readable form.


Why’s that? I hear you ask. Yes, good old procrastination.

Last night I got virtually no sleep, due to surfing the net, visiting Facebook and Twitter, and playing that most deadly of enemies to a writer: SPIDER SOLITAIRE!


This morning, bleary eyed and exhausted, contemplating with dread getting dressed and going to work, I finally decided enough was enough, and created a word document containing those pathetically few words.  That said, it’s a start – right? I don’t care how tired I am when I get home later on, I’m determined to write at least another hundred words; no more circling around the computer like a shark, waiting for a writing frenzy. It’s onwards and upwards – I hope :D.

shark Land of Midnight Days Through the Gloaming


7 Responses to “Is it over?”

  1. Even if it’s just a few words, that’s progress! Keep going, Kate.

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  2. That’s it honey, a beginning is a beginning, you’re on the road now, despite the pitfalls and potholes, the deviations and congestion of mind, you’re ON THE ROAD!!!! Well done and congrats! 😀 xxx

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  3. The first sentence is magic. You’ll see, the rest will just flow.

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