Which would you rather lose…


… access to the internet, or a £50 note? I know which I’d choose.

Are we too reliant on the internet these days? Simple answer, yes we are. For years I managed without it, until I embarked on a university course for creative writing. That was when I discovered the course couldn’t be done without internet access, as assignments and critiques had to be submitted and carried out via email.

emailSo I arranged to have it installed and it changed my life. No longer dependant on “snail mail” to keep up with contacting friends, corresponding with various retailers and so on, I fast became an internet junkie. I spend far too long “surfing the web”, and sometimes lose touch with the real world. That said, the strange thing about my addiction is that it’s expanded my horizons to the extent I’ve “met” many wonderful people and made invaluable contacts.


The drawback is that when a fault developed on our landline, cutting off not only the phone, but the internet too, I was like a raving lunatic. The fault occurred just before a bank holiday weekend, which meant we had to wait five days before our service provider could remedy the fault – five days! In vain, I pleaded, threatened and cajoled, nothing could be done until after the weekend. Then, to add insult to injury, they text me and said I could track the progress of the repair work, via the internet! Exercising great restraint, I text them back and asked (politely) how, since I had no internet access? I didn’t get a reply.


Anyway, by the time the service was restored, it was like the return of a long-lost friend. I really should get out more. 😀



5 Responses to “Which would you rather lose…”

  1. I love my weekends away from the internet, but I find that if I have time away, it’s too hard to come back :S

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  2. I really get fed up with myself, the amount of time I spend on the net, but just can’t seem to break the habit.


  3. Lol, having said all that, I’ve taken a break from the web for a few days now due to my health, sometimes a break is definitely needed too! 😀 xx

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    • Too right. I’m forcing myself to leave at least a few hours in between going on the net. Having said that, it just went down again, briefly; maybe someone’s trying to tell me something 😀


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