Another spam, another rant.


When I opened my email this morning, there was the usual sprinkling of spam, which I deleted as per normal. However, one had made it past the filters into my actual emails. Why? Because the cheeky !@** had used my Facebook page to forward their piece of crap onto me.

I didn’t recognise it as spam, at first, because it purported to be from my publisher. When I opened it, I knew at once it wasn’t from them, as all it contained was a link leading to a site for weight loss. How on earth did they think this would persuade me to buy their doubtless shoddy goods, I’ll never know. A) I’m not overweight and B) The obvious deception, using a name that isn’t theirs, would put me off straight away.

So, if you receive an email, prefixed with a friend’s name, plus from, disregard it straight away.



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