What fills your imagination?


Ever since I was a small child, I would fill the time before I fell asleep with stories and fancies. They populated the darkness like a multitude of tiny beacons that drove away the nighttime terrors, which sometimes used to plague my bedtime.


Having a vivid imagination could sometimes be a problem for me. I’d imagine all kinds of night horrors, and to drive them away, would rock from side to side, until eventually I wore through the bolts that held the bed legs in place, until eventually they collapsed.


However, a turning point came when someone gave me a set of stickers, depicting a popular science fiction character – can’t remember which one – that shifted a gear in my imagination. I made up all kinds of stories, involving this character in all kinds of marvellous adventures. This facility expanded and grew, until the monster under my bed moved out in disgust, unable to compete with the sparkling new images that now filled my mind at night.


Even now, as old as I am, this ability to weave stories in those  moments before sleep descends, has stayed with me. Long may it last. 😀



http://goo.gl/qw64zu Land of Midnight Days
http://goo.gl/c0rR2K Through the Gloaming


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