Training – what is it good for?


I’ve been dreading today, because I had to attend a training session, for a new procedure in work that’s due to go live next Monday – talk about short notice! The person running the session tried to be reassuring and offer clear explanations about what the new procedure involved. However, the room we were in was tiny and with the amount of people in the “class,” soon became overheated.


Not only did this affect my concentration, I was dying for a fag and couldn’t think about anything else. As I haven’t yet transferred to the new fangled electronic cigarettes, it was sheer torture.

Anyway, after what seemed like a million years, we stumbled out of the sauna that is the conference room, and I headed straight outside for a nicotine break. Now that the training course is over, all I’ve got to dread is attempting not to make a pig’s ear of it all, on Monday.

Ooh, look – a pig’s just flown past the window!



2 Responses to “Training – what is it good for?”

  1. If you can’t complete the procedure with sincerity, Katrina, just use a great deal of style.

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