Bargain Hunter Alert!


How much does the average hard back book cost? £15.99? £18.99? I’ve paid more than that in the past. Well, Land of Midnight Days, hard backed version, is now for sale at the stupendous, knock down price of £6.59; mere coppers for, even though I say it myself, a beautiful book that would grace anyone’s shelves. Even better, the ebook version is now only £1.85! What more could any collector of YA Urban fantasy ask for, apart from a story that will take your breath away?

Believe me, I’m not in the writing game to become rich, I’ve no illusions on that score – although it’d be nice. I write because I’m blessed, or cursed, depending on your point of view. with an imagination that just won’t quit. 

When I first embarked on my writing journey, I never thought I’d see the day my work would be out there for people to read (self publishing didn’t exist, when this old dinosaur was a girl). But here I am, a published author, with a hell of a lot to offer 🙂

So peeps, grab yourself a bargain – you won’t regret it 😀

dinosaur-reading Land of Midnight Days Through the Gloaming


2 Responses to “Bargain Hunter Alert!”

  1. You hardback is the price of a paperback, seems to me. I hope you’ll make a bit on the sales—the margin must be pretty tight.

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