Diary of a writer.

diary 3

Woke up at 5.30am, due to my brother warming up the engine of his motorbike, prior to taking an early morning ride.


Stumbled out of bed, and then fed the cat, getting cat food all over my hands – yeuk!

cat-foodLurched downstairs and dragged the washing machine over to the sink – must get the damn thing plumbed in. Shoved laundry into the machine, added washing liquid and dye catcher, slammed door shut and set programme. Made coffee, attached intravenous drip – just kidding 😀

coffee 2

Slurped coffee, lurched back upstairs to turf the cat off my bed.


Head down on pillow, to catch a bit more sleep. Damn! No chance! Heard brother returning on his extremely noisy bike. 😦 Picked up  Kindle, and continued reading Tricia Drammeh’s: Spellbound (Spell bringers, book I) instead 🙂






2 Responses to “Diary of a writer.”

  1. Hope you’re enjoying Spellbound, Kate. Sorry you’ve missed out on sleep, though. Maybe tomorrow you can sleep in.

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