Kate Jack’s book choice, Kate Wrath.

ECoverjpgHere I am again, with my second book choice. “E”, by Kate Wrath is a must read for all fans of dystopian fantasy. From the moment I read the opening line, I was hooked!

I wake up in a box of iron. I know nothing, remember nothing.

There is one thought imprinted on my consciousness: you have been erased. (Copyright, Kate Wrath.)

And it doesn’t disapoint. From the word go, the reader is plunged into a world that is unremittingly harsh. It’s a fight for survival against starvation, slavery, and most of all, fellow human beings. Even recycling other people’s cast offs, to earn money to buy food, is fraught with danger.

Wrath’s writing style is elegant, descreptive and paints a crystal clear picture for her readers, and yet leaves them enough leeway to make their own intrepretations. To read a sample of her work, or even purchase the book, go to:


You can also visit her Goodreads page and ask her about her writing at: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8187351.Kate_Wrath

To view more of Kate’s work, go to:





6 Responses to “Kate Jack’s book choice, Kate Wrath.”

  1. katewrath1 Says:

    Thank you so much, Kate! I had no idea you were reading it, so this was truly a surprise!

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  2. Told you 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Jane Dougherty Writes and commented:
    A new star in the firmament 🙂 Nice work both Kates


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