Procrastination – why do we do it?


As a writer, I’m all too familiar with procrastination. Even when my mind is brimming with ideas, I’ll do almost anything rather than sit down at the computer and write. Playing spider solitaire is my greatest weakness – it’s so addictive. Every time I start to play a game, I swear to myself it’ll just be the one and then I’ll get on with my latest wip – yeah right!


Instead I’ll circle around the computer, like a demented shark, looking for anything else to do. Why is that, I wonder? After all, writing is my raison detre – my reason for being. I’m never happier than when I’ve got a story down, or progressed to another chapter in a new novel.


Yet still I’ll tackle the most mundane of tasks, instead of knuckling down.

Sometimes I drive myself crazy 😀 Land of Midnight Days

Copy of midnightdayscover Through the Gloaming

gloaming cover


8 Responses to “Procrastination – why do we do it?”

  1. I am your mirror opposite, Kate. I put off everything—important things like filling in tax forms or taking people to the dentist and unimportant like ironing—and write.

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  2. We procrastinate to avoid becoming involved, our lives taken over by the new reality we are creating that will preoccupy us until it is finished, published, and available for people to read and enjoy. Will people love it? We never really know for sure. Which reminds me that I have work to do to finish a novel and move on to the other stories that demand my attention. Hmmm . . . what can I find to occupy my time so I won’t have to begin . . . .

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  3. Being such a terribly slow writer anyway, procrastination is a real problem for me at times. I want to write all the time, but getting those ideas down sometimes becomes almost impossible. Just got to keep pushing on! 😀

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