And so the end is nigh.


As some of you may remember, I posted that we were having a clear out at the Jack Homestead this week. Well, it’s almost done, thank goodness, and the house actually looks bigger. My brother and I have vowed never to allow “stuff” to pile up again – yeah, right – and to throw things away, as when they’re no longer needed.

It also means that my week off work is almost over and come next Monday, it’s back to the grind – can’t wait. I’ve had a taste of freedom – albeit interspersed with gathering up and disposing off unwanted detritus – and I’ll be sorry to join the rat race again.

How I wish I could retire and devote all my time to writing. Alas, even at my advanced age, the golden Nirvana of retirement is still some years away. Ah well, one has to have something to strive for, I suppose. 😀

kj 2 Land of Midnight Days Through the Gloaming



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