Cats and Keyboards.


It’s not a good combination, is it? Even as I type this post, Meg (see above) is snuggled up next to me. Nice? You betcha 😀 The trouble is, she’s thrashing her tail about and it keeps hitting the keyboard of my computer **?@#!!! See what I mean?

It’s also somewhat warm here, for a change, and her body heat is amazing – I feel as if I’m being slowly cooked.

Even so, this is part of our daily routine, come rain of shine. I get woken up at some ungodly hour by either constant miaowing, scratching the furniture. or raking over the kitty litter, until it sounds like a rockfall. So I give in, get up, feed her, and then lurch back to bed. That’s when the snuggle part comes in.

Oh well, could be worse, I suppose. 😀

Oh wait, she’s licking my arm!

For any of you who want to see Meg’s “guest appearance on my video, go here: She’s on the back of my chair 😀





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