The echoes of the night.


My dreaming mind is tossed on turbulent seas, as the thoughts of the day pass through.

They twist and turn, toss and churn, in chaos.

My body reacts by  shifting from side to side in the bed, arms clasped tight to my chest, knees drawn up in self-defence against the onslaught.

Then something disturbs this restless state and my eyes open, my ears prick at the sound of the storm outside my window.

A smile touches my lips and a blissful sigh escapes me, as I listen to the thunder and rain and marvel at the lightning.

At last, soothed and comforted, the storm rocks me to sleep.

sleep Land of Midnight Days Through the Gloaming


2 Responses to “The echoes of the night.”

  1. This so delights me. I especially like, “They twist and turn toss and churn.” Thank you, Katrina!

    Rita at Spirituality Without Borders.


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