Review of “The Subtle Fiend”, by Jane Dougherty

A sterling review of Jane Doughtery’s, The Subtle Fiend.

Kitty Muse and Me

Jane Dougherty Book 2

The pendulum swings….slowly, inexorably…

At the height–or depth, if you prefer–of the evil that consumed Providence, the leaders of the crystal-domed city made an alliance with Abaddon, the Destroyer, the King of Demons.

They touted him to the people as their ally against the threats from outside, and the people shouldered the burden of that favor for generations. Lost to them was anything that made life bearable–at least for those who were considered the “true citizens”.

Not so for the Danaans, the people snubbed and abhorred by the common and high citizenry. Only in their ramshackle hovels is there any happiness and love–and the others know nothing of them. And the Danaans know only of the cruelty of the others.

There’s also something else that can’t be overlooked: an alliance between self-serving individuals rarely will last for long. Each member of the alliance must constantly look over his shoulder for the…

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