Girding my loins for…

10_skiphire3…a big clear out. We’ve finally decided to tackle the rising tide of detritus cluttering the house. Being something of a hoarder, I really need to clear up and make a fresh start. When it comes to collecting things, ornaments, clothes, books and cats, I’m a champion. My brother’s a champion DVD and book collector, along with oil cans, tools and petrol cans; I hasten to add he owns a motorbike and does a lot of his own maintenance.

So we’ve decided the time has come to have one mammoth clear out and have both vowed never to let the clutter pile up again. Apart from two very important class of “objects”, can you guess what they are?

With that in mind, I’m taking a whole week of precious holidays from work to tackle this huge task; wish me luck 😀

cat-books Land of Midnight Days Through the Gloaming


2 Responses to “Girding my loins for…”

  1. Good luck, Kate! Hope everything goes well! 🙂


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