Facebook freaks


As any Facebook user will know, there’s a message facility, whereby someone can contact you. Now the majority of messages I receive are from friends, or people wanting to know about my books – all fine. However, next to the word message is the word “other”, which usually contains spam, weirdo “messages”, or some deluded sod sending me declarations of love.

The latter type seem to troll Facebook, looking for life partners, or trying to perpetuate scams. They usually begin with something like, “I saw your profile and liked your face…”. or, “hello darling, I’d like to marry you and want you to have my babies.” You know the kind of thing I mean.

Anyway, the latest “other” message I received went something like this: “Hello pretty, fancy a chat?” Well I responded in my usual way, which was to tell them to go away, then reported Mr X for spam. This usually does the trick and they don’t come back. Imagine my surprise, when I went to my Facebook page this morning to find a “proper” message from the same guy, he’d somehow bypassed the “other” facility, asking me what I meant by telling him to go away, and he was sorry to disturb me. Unbelievable! He doesn’t consider it inappropriate to call a complete stranger “pretty” – needs an eyesight test by the sound of it – and not expect to be rebuffed?

Anyway, as they say: it takes all kinds. 😀

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2 Responses to “Facebook freaks”

  1. Usually by the time I discover those messages in my “other” folder, the user has already been banned for spam. My favorite was when one of them sent me a friend request. He claimed he went to Harvard University, only he spelled it “Harverd.” It gave me a good laugh, but I still blocked and reported him. Yes, there are some real wack jobs out there.


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