What would life be like…

coffee 2

… without coffee?

It’s 8.22 am and I’m lying on my bed, laptop on my knee, having just completed the first edit on my WIP Dawn Horizon. I’ve taken today and tomorrow off work, and including the weekend, that makes 4 whole days to do one last edit and then send it into my publisher.

I’m filled, albeit temporarily, with a sense of well being, aided and abetted by the lovely cup of coffee I’ve just made myself. Long may it last :D.

Even the slamming of car doors, from parents arriving to drop their kids off at the school opposite, cannot disturb my equilibrium. The cat’s licking my arm, making me spill a few drops of my precious coffee, normally a hanging offence, but I remain unperturbed. I’m caught up in that rare and precious feeling of a job well done.Β 

Ahh, bliss. πŸ˜€

dawn horizon

http://goo.gl/qw64zu Land of Midnight Days
http://goo.gl/c0rR2K Through the Gloaming


7 Responses to “What would life be like…”

  1. Well done and HUGE congratulations!!!!! You deserve to really treat yourself sweetie, all those naughty things you love but normally don’t have…er…maybe I’m talking about myself here! Anyway, MASSIVE congrats, well done YOU!!! πŸ˜€ xxx


  2. I can’t imagine life without coffee!

    I’m very proud of you, Kate. You’re hard work and determination is such an inspiration to us all. Enjoy your extended weekend.


  3. FANTASTIC, Katrina, you inspire me. It’s 6:25 here in the US and I’ve been up since 5:a.m…..mostly due to the bug bites I got when gardening, ….but the old brain was on full alert for writing. Enjoy your mini holiday. πŸ™‚


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