Guest blog – Four authors tell me what inspired their novels.

Check out the lovely Annette Sills blog post about what inspires authors.

Annette Sills

Where do writers get their inspiration? An image, a story or snippet of conversation they’ve heard, or a song or a particular location perhaps?

Rumour has it that George Orwell wrote Animal Farm after seeing a young boy steering a large cart horse along a narrow path. He started to ask himself what would happen if animals realized their own strength, an idea which developed into an allegorical story about animals taking over a farm.

Steven King often gets his inspiration from dreams. He once had one on a plane about a young girl kidnapping a famous author and was so excited about the idea it he ran into the airport when the plane landed, sat down and wrote down the first fifty pages of his novel Misery which went on to become a phenomenal best-seller.
man running from plane

The idea for my own novel wasn’t quite as dramatic. My husband and I…

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