The weekend’s almost over, and…

dawn horizon

…I’m knackered. I’ve worked, almost non stop, from Saturday to Sunday editing my wip, Dawn Horizon. On top of that, I decided to make a short video about myself as a writer and to read an extract from Through the Gloaming; it proved a lot harder  than I thought it would.

This’ll be easy, I told myself. It’s a cinch. Famous last words! I wrote a brief outline of what I wanted to say, got two copies of my books, sat down in front of my computer and turned on the camera. All ready to go – right? WRONG!

First of all, considering there was only me and Meg, my cat, in the room, I was extremely nervous. I started to read, tripped over my tongue and when I played it back, I was looking down at my prepared dialogue and not at the camera. Also, when I tried to hold the books up to the camera, I dropped one right on my big toe! They’re hard backs, so it really bloody hurt!

md kindle book

Take two. I sellotaped my speech to the top of the screen, just above the camera, so it at least looked like I was addressing my prospective audience directly. However, whilst pulling off a piece of tape from the dispenser, I managed to cut my knuckle on the serrated edge.

After much swearing and stamping of feet, not to mention copious amounts of tissues to stem the blood, I set about take three. It really went well, up until right near the end, when the damn cat meowed at the top of her lungs, demanding to be fed!


Anyway, long story short, it took me nearly two hours to make a 3 minute video – Steven Spielberg, eat your heart out. 😀


7 Responses to “The weekend’s almost over, and…”

  1. It was worth it 🙂


  2. I thought it was WONDERFUL sweetie, well done you! 😀 xxx


  3. You persevered. Very impressive, Kate ☼


  4. Thanks Ashen. 😀


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