Have I won the war, or just the battle?


Yesterday I posted an article about the torrents of spam that’s been flooding my blog, for the past two weeks. It was even worse today, with over 50 pieces of crap landing in my spam box. So I girded my loins and set about finding, I hope, a solution.


After much searching, I managed to find, via the “help” feature on wordpress, the comments blacklist. I set gleefully about copying the urls of the b*astards who’ve been invading my little world, and then pasting them onto the list. I even managed to flag one of their posts up on You Tube, though I doubt that’ll do much good. I also took great pleasure in “disliking” their video several times. I just about managed to refrain from posting a comment that would’ve contained an awful lot of invective.

spamSince I’ve done all of the above, there’s been no more spam bot generated sh*t, so fingers crossed they won’t be back.

Wish me luck. 😉

kj 2


6 Responses to “Have I won the war, or just the battle?”

  1. I don’t even see my spam. It goes directly into the bin. Have you locked your blog to undesirables btw? I was frisked before I was allowed access.


    • My spam does go into a spam box, but it’s 25 -30 spams a day, generated, mostly, by a company called spence diamonds. They’ve obviously set up a spam bot, to increase their internet presence. So I ‘ve temporarily made my blog private, until they get the message. Sorry, you had problems commenting, Jane, but hopefully it’ll only be for a short time.


  2. I wondered about the privacy thing when I tried to read something over the weekend. Glad to see you’ve worked it all out, though – I wouldn’t have thought to blacklist their URLs. That’s inspired!


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