When you cease to think…


My mind has always been filled with a jumble of thoughts and ideas. It’s like an old cardboard box filled with old, unused items that’s been shook up and left in a disorganised heap.

I found it impossible to calm and order the chaos contained inside my head. I either over thought things, or shoved them aside; now the time has come for me to sort through my memories, whether I want to or not.

All of a sudden my mind is crystal clear and focused on one thing – the end of my life. As I lay in my hospital bed, I relived the past – both good and bad. I “talked” to people who were long gone, but with whom I needed to make my peace for past slights and injuries unwittingly inflicted.

I wandered again through places that either no longer existed, or had changed beyond recognition. Past sunsets and sunrises filtered into my mind, glorious and golden. The laughter of my children, now full grown, echoed in my ears and I felt joy at their happiness; it gave me a small measure of comfort.

The scent of pink and white roses fills my nostrils, so evocative, so wonderful. They frame an opening through which I must eventually step into the great unknown. I accept this, even embrace it.

I’m weary now, weary beyond measure and my thoughts are fading, dwindling…

My mind is shutting down – it’s time to cease thinking.


http://goo.gl/qw64zu Land of Midnight Days

http://goo.gl/c0rR2K Through the Gloaming



3 Responses to “When you cease to think…”

  1. I always enjoy your posts honey. Lovely. 🙂


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