Bring me…


…sunshine – and lots of it.

When I was a child, summer days seemed to last forever. During the school holidays, I spent most of my time outdoors, running around, screaming my head off, and thoroughly enjoying myself. I wasn’t a “girlie” girl, I was never seen in a dress, unless forced to wear one. No, it was shorts and jeans for me, and more often than not I could be found up a tree, or swinging on a rope, attached to said tree, yelling my lungs out for all I was worth.

rope swing

Parks and public gardens abound in the area where I live, my favourite being Clarke’s Gardens, home of Allerton Hall, which has a nature reserve to the side of it.

allerton hall

What a wonderful, magical place it was, and still is. Full of winding paths, scented by hawthorn and dog roses, it was a veritable paradise for children. At one end, there’s a gully, filled with all kinds of trees, twisted and bent over a small shallow stream, through which sunlight would filter in misty bars of gold. Dog walkers, and children abound in this place, with the occasional glimpses of foxes and rabbits.


Steeped in history and atmosphere, the park even has a relic from The Second World War. A gun post, or “pillbox”, because of its shape, sits silently looking out over the distant Garston Docks, which it once helped to protect from the Luftwaffe. Is it any wonder I grew up to become a writer, surrounded by this plethora of wondrous and fabulous things that still survive to this very day?

pill box

So long may the summer days last. May the cherry blossoms that adorn the nature reserve continue to bloom, glorious and beautiful, and bear their fruit that taste of nature,sunshine, and memories of days gone past. 😀

cherry blossom





3 Responses to “Bring me…”

  1. LOVE days like these! 😀


  2. Up a tree was one of my favourite places 🙂


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