Thought for the day,


I’ve just been adding another chapter to my wip, Dawn Horizon, and suddenly realised that as I typed, I was experiencing a rare moment of tranquility. The sun has just risen, there’s a slight mistiness to the air, and the dawn chorus are singing their little hearts out.

If I could, I’d bottle this precious moment in time, and whenever I feel blue, bring it out and inhale the peacefulness. The very rarity of such blissful moments makes them all the more beautiful, and harder to retain, during the rat race that is life.

Unfortunately, they’re easily lost, as we plunge ourselves into “living” our lives. The necessity of earning a living, looking after our families, and endevouring to keep our heads above the water, overwhelms and submerges these snippets of peacefulness.

But they do happen, and in the end that’s all we can ask for. 😀

gloaming cover


3 Responses to “Thought for the day,”

  1. I love those moments too, and you’re spot on, they are very rare. 🙂


  2. If only we could bottle those special moments. Great post, Kate.


  3. Thanks guys 😀


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