Shopping spree.

carrier bagHow often do you buy books? Personally I buy them at every opportunity. I buy e books, paperbacks, and hard backs. It’s now reaching the point where I’m rapidly running out of space. Of course I could thin things out a bit, but I think I’d almost rather lose a limb than get rid of any of my “babies.” 😀


md kindle book

I don’t just buy them online or from bookstores, charity shops are fair game too. Not only are they cheaper, they’re in much better condition these days. No more dog eared pages, or ripped and creased covers – bargain!

There’s nothing more satisfying, for me, than to come home with a new book. It’s better than buying clothes, although I do that too. If I can find a new dress and a new book, I’m in heaven.

So go on, treat yourself – you know you want to 🙂


magic Gloaming Kindle UK Gloaming Kindle US Gloaming hard back UK Gloaming hard back US


6 Responses to “Shopping spree.”

  1. Amen! They’re a complete pain to move (like I’ll be doing this week), but I wouldn’t trade my books for the world. 🙂


  2. Whenever I can, is the answer to that one! Mostly ebooks at the moment due to finances, but with 13 bookcases bulging, the last time I counted the number of books I have, it was well over 1000 and that was some time ago…I love it, I have a huge art section, history section, geography, astronomy sections, children’s fiction, classics, poetry, sci-fi, fantasy, thriller and general fiction sections…my own little library!!! 😀


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