An interview with Ch’kara Silverwolf

daughter of light and dark

Today my guest is Ch’kara SilverWolf, author of Daughter of Light & Dark.

Q. Welcome, Ch’kara, would you please tell us a little about your book?

A. It’s the story of Montayna, a young woman whose parents, she has never known, are from light and dark. She is freed with a bit of magik even she was hardly aware of, but her skill is growing and she needs to find answers of who she is and where did her powers come from? To find those answers she sets out on a journey of discovery, both inward and outward, of dark mysteries as well as light. Will she master them, or they her?

She is inexperienced and faces incredible dangers in the course of her quest to defeat the darkness that is spreading inexorably across her world; her journey takes her through a landscape of wizards, elves, faeries and wolves, as she throws herself headlong into the fray to challenge the malevolent designs of a powerful Dark Lord.

It is a journey that will eventually change Montayna as well as the world around her.

Q. Was a lot of research required for your work?
A. No when I write the story just unfolds as the words flow onto the paper. In a way, the characters come and introduce themselves and we go from there. I often feel as though someone is telling me a story and I am taking dictation.

Q. Where do you source inspiration for your writing?
A. I am always inspired by the things around me. I may see a person who reminds me of the Fae. Or I will hear something that is said, and a story will evolve. I have just started writing notes from a dream my husband had which will make a fantastic story with witches wizards and magik.

Q. How long have you been a writer?
A. I have always written things down but did not get serious about it until 2010 and then published Daughter of Light & Dark in 2012. I have also published a few short stories.

Q. Who is your most favourite author and why?
A. That is a hard one, there are so many wonderful writers and I have a lot of indie authors who are favourites now. If you want me to pick one, then currently I would say Kim Harrison. When her books come out, everything else stops so I can be taken on her wonderful adventures.

Q. What are your views on writing groups? Are they helpful?
A. In the past I had bad experiences with writing groups. That being said, I do belong to a group of Indie authors and readers who have always been encouraging and helpful and made the experience fun. They are like a wonderful family of likeminded people. So I would say if you find the right group then go for it.

Q. What was the first thing you wrote?
A. A story about animals (who can speak) surviving after the world has been devastated by earth quakes. They come together to journey to find a place of safety. I recently renamed it When The World Cracked and published as a short story on Amazon.

Q. How do you organise your life around your work?
A. I am blessed to be able to spend all of my time writing if I choose. I have a wonderfully understanding husband who accepts if I’m “in the zone” there is no point in disturbing me.

Q. Do you write in one or multiple genres?
A. I mainly write Fantasy, although I do have a partly written Sci-Fi that I will finish one day.

Q. Finally, what one piece of advice would you offer anyone thinking of becoming a writer?
A. Read all that you can in the genre you want to write in and try to write something every day. The more you do it the better you become.

Thank you for your time today, Ch’kara, and all the best for the future.


If you would like to see more of Ch’kara’s work, go to:

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