Brain freeze.


Just lately I’ve been doing really well, writing wise; but not today. My brain is all over the place, not literally, I just don’t seem able to focus. Ideas come and go, jumping around like fleas on a hotplate. IT’S DOING MY HEAD IN!

Is it an age thing? Could be, I suppose, or am I just stupid? Took Stephen Hawking’s IQ test on Facebook, and boy was I sorry I tried. It was mostly numerical questions, and I suck at figures. Didn’t do too bad on the word puzzles, but in the words of my old English teacher, “could’ve done better.”

Any way, back to trying to write, or I might just scarf down a few hot cross buns instead, and watch Futurama. šŸ˜€




One Response to “Brain freeze.”

  1. We all have those day (or even weeks) where we don’t feel up to par. I think I exhaust all my brain power at work, leaving me with nothing for writing or anything else. I’m sure you’ll get back on track, Kate.


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