A journey’s end, nearly reached.


I’ve nearly reached the end of Dawn Horizon, the third book in The Silver Flute Trilogy. How do I feel about that? Mixed emotions of sadness, a sense of achievement, and an impending feeling of fond farewells to characters I’ve lived with for over eight years. Am I looking forward to moving on? I am and I’m not. It’s going to be a big wrench, not writing about Jeremiah & co, but there are more wonderful stories and characters out there, just waiting for me to create them.

And that’s the essence of a writer, isn’t it? To create, mold and devise fresh tales of wonder and worlds to put them in, and to people that world with three dimensional characters. To procrastinate as a writer, is to wither and die. A little melodramatic? Perhaps, but it’s also true.

That said, what’s next? Well, my friends, you’ll just have to wait and see. 😉



gloaming cover

dawn horizon


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3 Responses to “A journey’s end, nearly reached.”

  1. Congratulations kiddo, that’s such an achievement! D


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