The Dark Citadel—Big news!

Jane Dougherty Writes

Yesterday we saw the first swallow, we were attacked by the first mosquito, and before shutting down all systems, I finished formatting the Kindle version of The Dark Citadel.
After it came out last November, apart from gaining lots of wonderful reviews, nothing much happened. The publisher released it, and that was very much that. At the end of last month I accepted the publisher’s offer to revert my rights. Since then I have been revising and editing, and making a new cover.
The new improved, bigger and better version, 100% revised, with 5% more words and 100% new cover and blurb, will be available in Kindle on April 25. And, what’s more, it will be followed pretty quickly by a paperback version.
Here’s the new blurb:

Evil is slouching into Providence, crawling into the rotting core of the Elders’ regime, and only a pariah girl seems to care.


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